Producer, Stylist: Rinko Kimino

Author of books about kimono, folk craft goods, kabuki, etc, and producer and product development planner of kimono and Japanese folk craft goods, Rinko is a successful event producer and planner and editor of books. Her works are geared toward the youth of Japan, and promote Japanese traditions such as kimonos, tenugui towels and the kabuki theater with a modern sensibility. She moved to Los Angeles in 2010, and started to introduce the Japanese culture overseas.

Amelia Cantlay / Project Coordinator

Amelia is a freelance translator based in Los Angeles. She has studied and performed traditional Japanese dance for over 9 years, and is excited to be part of a project that allows her to indulge in her love for kimono and Japanese culture. She also doodles in her free time.

Kitsuke (Kimono Dresser): Sachiko Miyoshi

The official kitsuke artist(kimono dresser) for Kimono days. She obtained her kitsuke license in 1995, and has been professionally dressing for special occasions such as coming of age ceremonies, Shichi-Go-San, and graduations since 2003. She has been assisting Rinko Kimino since 2011. Beautiful, hand-crafted kimonos fill her heart with love for the Japanese culture, and her favorite part about her job is to see the happy, beautiful, confident, and proud looks on the faces of those she dresses. Sachiko痴 hobbies include her thrice a year half-marathon runs, weekly weight training, and Zumba. She takes baking classes once a month. She loves exercising just as much as she loves eating.

Model and DIY Designer: Gigi Guiting

I'm just a little girl with a big imagination, mostly filled with slice-of-life romance, pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, french-inspired fashion, muted jewel-toned graphics, soft cotton fabrics, japanese cute things, and exotic vacation dreams.
Website: Gigibyte

Hair: Minaho

Minaho worked at a salon in Japan for 4 years, then moved to the U.S. She graduated Joe Blasco, and is now working as a freelance hair and makeup artist.
Website: Minaho Style

Photographer: Sylvia Gunde

Sylvia Gunde is a fashion and portrait photographer based in Los Angeles, CA. She graduated from the University of California, Irvine’s Claire Trevor School of the Arts with a BFA in Studio Arts before setting out in her career in professional photography. Driven to meld concept and aesthetic, she is continuously inspired by things beyond the realm of photography (especially by music, other art forms, and adventure).
Website: Sylvia G Photography

Makeup: Tomoko Miyamoto

Tomoko is a makeup artist based in LA. She worked as a makeup artist in Japan for 5years, then moved to LA to start her career in 2008. Now she works for TV, commercials, movies, magazines, fashion shows, etc.
Website: Tomoko Miyamoto

Videographer: Raio Mitsuno

Raio is a videographer/editor based in Los Angeles. From outings with friends to projects like Kimono Days, he enjoys capturing moments through the viewfinder of his camera. Things he likes most in this world include dogs, cats, gyoza, and gadgets (in no particular order). The thing he hates most in this world are holes (that's Trypophobia, for those that are curious. But you've been warned).

Photography Assistant: Randy Tran

I'm an 18 year portrait/wedding photographer based out of Long Beach, CA. I enjoy photographing the best moments of a person's life and leaving my clients with the best satisfaction.
Website: Randy Tran Photography

Satomi Imai / Staff Photographer

Satomi has been working as a project manager in the Japanese IT industry since 1997, such as ASCII, SEGA, and Dwango. Her specialty lies in the field of managing IT projects, including smart phone games and service development.
Since she moved to the U.S. in 2008, she has also been involved in various event projects such as Japan Film Festival Los Angeles and Kimono Girl Retro Pop x American Vintage Fashion Show.
Satomi is currently pursuing further education through the UCLA Extension Project Management Certificate Program, and is a candidate to become a Project Management Professional (PMP).
She is expected to complete her study at UCLA Extension in summer, 2013.

Bembridge House - Charlotte Mitchell

Charlotte Mitchell is the chair of the Bembridge House Committee.
Website: Long Beach Heritage

Dress c/o: Katie Jean

Katie lives in Phoenix with her husband and two boys Cade and Clive. She started Katie Jean Designs in 2008 after working with her friend making kids clothes together. She enjoys creating vintage inspired skirts and dresses using old patterns, recycled and new fabrics, and fun new styles.
Website: Katie Jean