kimono days

Saiko-Makeup Designer/ Hair Stylist

Saiko, the California lisenced cosmetologist and the owner of Saiko Makeup Atelier, is a professionally trained makeup artist with experience of more than 10 years in Bridal, Ruways, Fashion Catalogs, Movies, Videos / DVDs and ordinary salon works. While her clientele includes children for haircuts, brides for busy wedding, traveling actresses from overseas or Hollywood celebrities for red carpet treatment, her focus is always on providing customer satisfaction. She is dedicated to offer the highest quality services exceed your expectations until her clients leave with smile on their faces. With her little help, you will discover your own style and create a look that will turn heads on your special day, or every day!

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Quick Interview about the Kimono Days

Q1. What areas did you pay special attention to in putting the makeup and hair together for this project?

I wanted the two styles to work together while still holding their own at the same time, so maintaining this balance was a key element. I think I was able to achieve a well-rounded look overall, taking the impact of the models’ facial structures, their hair volume, body types, and the volume and colors of their outfits all into account.

Q2. How did you like participating in this project? What was the most memorable?

Usually, kimono or yukata photo shoots have a very traditional Japanese style, but this shoot blended Japanese and Western style elements and the location was a cute cafe with a retro-pop atmosphere. The combination of all of these different elements was very fresh and unique.

Q3. What do you think of when you hear “Kimono”?

A vital part of the Japanese tradition. I don’t think kimono are expected to change as they’re a part of the culture, but because they have remained so static even as the times have changed, I’m under the impression that the field is somewhat lacking in stimulation. There is also a rigid structure to them that makes them stiff and formal, and I think that younger generations have a tendency to shy away from them.

Q4. What was your impression of the kimono featured in this volume?

It was very refreshing to see such a “pop” coordination with playful patterns and colors. The “pattern on pattern” or “color on color” combinations that only really work with kimono were so adorable!

Q5. What makes you happy?

When I get to hear my customers say “I knew I could count on you Saiko!” “I love it! I’m coming again!”

Q6. Tell us a bit about yourself.

After working as a freelance hair and makeup artist for 10 years, I opened my total beauty salon Saiko Makeup Atelier in West L.A. in 2009. We have a variety of items on our menu including haircuts, coloring, styling, makeup, salon treatments, facial shaves, waxing, and eyelash perms, and look forward to your visit♪

Q7. What inspires you? (Places, things, people, anything!)

Fashion magazines, photo exhibitions, works by industry peers, everyday people.

Sylvia Gunde-Photographer

Sylvia Gunde is a fashion and portrait photographer based in Los Angeles, CA. She graduated from the University of California, Irvine’s Claire Trevor School of the Arts with a BFA in Studio Arts before setting out in her career in professional photography. Driven to meld concept and aesthetic, she is continuously inspired by things beyond the realm of photography (especially by music, other art forms, and adventure).

Website: Sylvia G Photography

Quick Interview about the Kimono Days

Q1. What areas did you pay special attention to in photographing for this project?

As a fashion photographer, the key thing is showing off the clothing and then creating a story with it. I wanted to go for something lighthearted and fun as opposed to stiff and traditional since Rinko’s kimonos are much more modern.

Q2. How did you like participating in this project? What was the most memorable?

I’m all about taking something traditional and modernizing it so I was excited to work on the project. I don’t know if there was one moment that I remember most. We had to get a lot of shots in a short period of time so the shoot was very fast-paced yet everyone that was working on the shoot was SO easy and fun to work with! Working with such an amazing team is something that is unforgettable.

Q3. What was your impression of the kimono featured in this volume?

I LOVE Rinko’s kimono styling. Being half Japanese, I’m very familiar with traditional kimonos. While I really like traditional kimonos, I think her contemporary kimono styling makes it more fun for people who are wanting to have more of a modern aesthetic and style while wearing traditional attire. It would be so much more fun for me (since I’m fairly young) to wear something like this to a wedding or special occasion than a typical, traditional kimono.

Q4. What is your thought about Kimono?

I think kimonos in general are gorgeous but I also think they are pretty uncomfortable.

Q5. Tell us a bit about yourself.

As a photographer, I shoot primarily fashion and portraiture. I love working with great teams and having everyone’s hard work go into making a beautiful final product. It’s something I love doing.

Q6. What inspires you? (Places, things, people, anything!)

I am mostly inspired by music and by adventure. Growing up, I played and was surrounded by music and also traveled a lot. Those two things continue to be two of the biggest influences on my work and life.

  • Saiko-Make-up Designer/ Hair Stylist
  • Sylvia Gunde-Photographer